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If your looking to sell your vintage/classic Ford car. Then contact us now. We are interested in all models in any condition and any age. We cover all of London, Essex, Hertfordshire & Kent. 

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Are Classic Fords A Good Investment?

When you buy a Ford, you are investing in a company with an incredible history. Every time you drive your Ford, it’s a reminder of the hard work and ingenuity that went into building it. That’s why people who love cars love Ford – because they represent dependability, innovation, performance and style. Whether for personal or professional use, there are many reasons to choose to invest in Ford vehicles. Cars from this reputable brand offer quality assurance as well as peace of mind that the car will last for years to come so long as routine maintenance is performed regularly. As an investment, classic Fords can be appealing because they have relatively low mileage on them and they have not depreciated in value like newer models often do within their first year on the market; however these investments can cost upwards of £20k or more!

What Is A Ford Classic?

Ford is an American multinational automotive company. The company sells cars, trucks, and other vehicles under the Ford brand, which sells in most of the world. Ford has a large range of models on the market from small commuter cars to really big pickup trucks. Ford is known for their popular Mustang and F150 series that both have seen major updates over the years. A classic Ford car is one that an owner values for its nostalgic or collector qualities and not necessarily for good performance or reliability, as modern versions are often better built than older ones.

What Is The Most Famous Ford?

The Ford Model T was the first car to be built by the Ford Motor Company, recognized as one of the most famous cars in history. First introduced in 1908 and produced until 1927, it was a car that changed the world. It was also known as “the Tin Lizzie” and “the Flivver.”

What Ford Cars Were Made In The 60s?

Ford cars that were made in the sixties. There were many different models of Ford cars made in the 60s. One model is a Ford Thunderbird, which was a two-door car that had seats for four people. Another model is the Mustang, which is a sporty car with an engine in the front and seats for up to four people. A third model is a Ford Bronco, which has four doors and can seat up to six people or one dog if it doesn’t need air conditioning at all times on hot days.

We Buy All Makes Of Ford

  • Model T
  • Model 18
  • F-1
  • Thunderbird
  • Bronco
  • Crown
  • Squire
  • Sierra
  • Cosworth
  • Fairlane
  • Escort
  • Ranger
  • Mustang
  • Falcon

Why Use UK Classic Car Buyer To Sell Your Ford?

UK Classic Car Buyer is a website that allow to sell your classic car the easy way. We have a great deal of knowledge in the market place in vintage and classic vehicles. You will most defiantly get a good price for your vehicle without any haggling involved!

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